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Home Pet Safety

2/12/2020 (Permalink)

Home Pet Safety

Home fires are some of the most common accidents that The Red Cross responds to, and over 1,000 a year and caused by… pets! Below are some ways to ensure this does not become your home and pets.

Protect Yours Pets- When there is a flame or a hot surface, keep animals away from the danger. This also helps keep you safe with not having them underfoot.

Dowse Open Flames- Pets are curious and tend to investigate all over your home when you are not around. Double check before leaving the home that there are no hazards for your pets to get into.  

Flameless Candles- This is another great option for people wanting to cut down on open flames in their home. The bulb in the candle will ensure if it is knocked or nosed over, that no harm is done.  

Other Tips:

Make it easy on the firefighters, and if you have any cages, put them near an entrance. This will help get your pets out faster and it is safer for the fire department.

Keep leashes and collars near doorways, in case the firefighter needs them.

Get a “pet alert” sign for your front window stating the number of pets inside the home. This can help the firefighters get in and out quickly, and efficiently.

You can find more information at:

Theme of the Month – February

2/7/2020 (Permalink)

Hand holding up a can with a SERVPRO koozie on it Try the cool, refreshing taste of SERVPRO of Daviess County, Kentucky!

Theme of the Month – February

Each month our Marketing Department promotes a different type of issue that could arise in your home or business. This February, we are working to help people know about what can happen when a pipe freezes in their home. Not only can this frozen water pipe bust and cause a large water issue, if not found and mitigated in a rapid amount of time, mold can also begin to develop. With the cold weather still going strong, and it is important to take precautions to prevent loss from happening.

Some things you can do to avoid a busted pipe is:

  • Keep pipes properly wrapped and insulated, both inside or outside the home
  • Keeping garage doors closed as much as possible. Especially at night
  • Keeping thermostat the same, both day and night
  • Opening cabinet doors so warm air can circulate
  • Remove water hoses from outdoor faucets
  • Let water drip from faucets when below freezing

Give us a call if you have any issues, our water estimates are always free!

Mold and Its Odor

2/3/2020 (Permalink)

In your home or business, there are many things that can go wrong and cause stress. One of those things is when mold is discovered. While the sight is enough to make you want to pretend you did not find it, the smell is often just as unpleasant. The odor that is given off is typically very powerful, it is often the first sign you notice when you have an issue on hand.

Mold prospers in dark, secluded places where they have access to water or moist air. It does not like light, so it is often found in dark places such a crawlspaces, basements, garages, and attics. It also can grow in your bathroom or kitchen cabinets, and on old food items.

Here are some more facts about mold:

What does it smell like?

· We often get calls asking “What mold smells like?” While it can smell different to everyone, you can look for an earthy odor. Some people describe it as rotten wood, wet clothing, or the outdoors after a hard rain.

What makes it smell?

· One of the stages that mold goes through causes it to release mycotoxins into the air. This is what creates the smell, by all the organic compounds in the mycotoxins.

How can I get rid of it?

· Your best bet is calling a professional to come take a look. SERVPRO of Daviess County, Kentucky is now offering mold testing, which can confirm any question about what you have going on. We come onsite, take the appropriate test samples, and then send them off. We typically have results with 5 business days. At this point, you know exactly what is going on, and what steps to take at this point.

Roof Problems? Call SERVPRO!

2/2/2020 (Permalink)

After many of SERVPRO’s jobs, there tends to be items that have to be removed from the home or business. After mitigating the issue, repairs need to be made on the home. After being in business several years, we this need, and how many customers were not comfortable handling putting their lives back together by themselves. That’s when we started looking into helping fill this void.

This is when SERVPRO of Daviess County, Kentucky opened their rebuild department to be able assist their clients. While the department began working primarily with our customers that had mitigation services completed, over the years it has also grown to helping business owners and families who are looking for either remodeling or repairs.

While up to this point, the services offered only reached to inside buildings. We then noticed a large amount of calls received regarding roof replacement and repair. We are happy to announce that our rebuild department has now added these roofing services!

Give us a call for more information, and for financing options!

2019 F1rst Responders Bowl - Local WKU Hilltoppers!

1/12/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has been the corporate sponsor of the F1rst Responder Bowl for the past 10 years, and our local franchise had an especially big reason to be excited this year: our local Western Kentucky University was playing in the game!

After the previous years game was a letdown with the game being cancelled from lightening strikes close to the field, it was almost “Like it never even happened.” SERVPRO’s from around the country were ready for 2019 to be a full game, especially for all the first responders in attendance.

Being the corporate sponsor, franchises from all over the country help host by donating their time, money, or tickets for local responders to enjoy with their families. We love giving back this way, and knowing we gave a family a fun night with their hero.

Congratulations to the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers for winning the game 23-20, and we cannot wait to watch again next year!

Factory Cleanup

1/10/2020 (Permalink)

Owensboro/Daviess County is a large area and is full of factories and businesses. With us knowing this, we are continuously able to handle large scale jobs of different magnitudes. We recently received a call about doing a post construction clean on a huge, local baking factory. This factory had recently gone through a large expansion and had about 150,000 square feet added on. This area had not been cleaned to the factory’s standards before their new equipment arrived, so the dust had also settled on the machinery.

We were hired to clean the machinery, and expansion to the factory’s standard.

With the factory still running throughout the process, they did not want us to get in the way of their normal production. Knowing this, we altered our team’s normal schedules, and we had several crews that volunteered to work from 5pm-3am to complete the job. Along with working these long hours, we also worked 7 days a week, until the job was done. We originally estimated the job would take about 4 weeks, and we completed the work in 3 weeks.

We were thankful to have teams ready to do whatever it took to get the job done and provide great customer service along the way.

Call us at 270-683-1888 for more information!

Unique Cleaning - Biohazard, Vandalism, Crime Scene

1/8/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Daviess County, Kentucky offers several types of more cleaning that is necessary, but not always common. Some of these include vandalism, graffiti, trauma, and crime scene cleanup. While these are not common, they are very needed when in that situation.

Trauma or Crime Scene:

  • With both trauma and crime scene clean up, we are able to come onsite as soon as the investigation by the police is over. We are then able to begin restoring the area. We are certified to clean up, deodorize the area, and then dispose of any pathogens or bodily fluids that are found at the scene.

Vandalism or Graffiti Art:

  • Anytime someone does something to your property, it is very upsetting, but SERVPRO is here to make it “Like it never even happened.” In these situations, it is something that you want to be taken care of quickly. For both circumstances, the longer it sits the worse it is. You want to get a professional onsite as quickly as possible to minimize the issue.

Types of Storm Damage to Your Home or Business

1/8/2020 (Permalink)

Everyone that lives in Kentucky knows the jokes about how quickly the weather changes here. But during the summer and fall months, we are especially hit by water downpour from seasonal storms. While all storms cause damage, some types become a lot harsher than others on your homes or businesses. These storms can bring heavy rain, flooding, and tornadoes into our area. We can even get rain or thunderstorms off of hurricanes traveling up the coast.  

While any storm can cause major damage to your home or business, there are a few types to be aware of when a storm travels through: lightening, flooding, and wind damage.

Lighting Damage: when bolts of lightning strike your home or business. This can cause a fire, which can quickly spread. It does this through the static discharge it has.

Flooding Damage: when major amounts of water have fallen, at times it is too much for the ground to handle at once. Even with all of Kentucky’s many caves, sinkholes, and lowlands, we still have issues with it. It is easy for homes, basements, roads, and driveways to quickly flood, and fill with water. If you experience any type of flooding, SERVPRO of Daviess County, Kentucky can help you dry out, and even rebuild your home or business back!  

Wind Damage: Most of the time, this involved your roof and siding, but can also impact trees, and outdoor items. When impacting your roof, it can be from a just few shingles, to your entire roof taken off. If you see any damage, have a professional come out and take a look. Even a small hole can cause a huge issue in your home with time. It can even lead to mold being developed within days.

Commercial Building Disaster = Lost Revenue $$

1/7/2020 (Permalink)

With all of the factories and businesses in Daviess County, SERVPRO is prepared for all different types of disasters that can happen. We understand that when a commercial building is struck by disaster, money is constantly being lost. When we are called, our first priority is always to get you back “Like it never even happened.”  

No matter what type of business you own: commercial factory, a mom and pop business, restaurant, doctor’s office, or a business run out of your home, we can take care of any situation. We know there are also certain items that you must have ready to go once your building is repaired. This is why we have a Contents Department at our main office, where we can restore any items that are needed in your profession.

When dealing with this type of situation, it is also our first goal to restore items rather than replace them. This helps keep costs down and keeps down the hassle of having to replace items. We have an amazing department, who can typically decide onsite if it can be saved. Check out our videos of some of the items they have saved!

Another one of our priorities when coming onsite is to provide great customer service to our clients. We work hard to always have crews on call 24/7 if you have an issue. Our goal is to be onsite within hours and begin work the same day!

Fire Emergency Items Wash

1/6/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Daviess County, Kentucky is now providing a new service for our local communities. When it comes to a fire, the smoke moves around a building faster than the fire itself. This smoke puts off both soot and smell on any items it comes in contact with. Many times when a fire like this happens, the homeowners' contents have to be washed and processed before they are usable again. This not only leaves the family feeling helpless, but it also leaves them without basic necessities.

After seeing this need, and our client’s discomfort, SERVPRO of Daviess County begin offering Emergency Washes on items families need immediately.   

When an entire home is brought back to our Contents Warehouse, it takes a while for items to be processed and finished. With an emergency wash, we have our families select enough of their clothing, items, children’s stuffed animals, and more to help them get through a couple of weeks. We then have our Contents Department work after hours to have the items processed and ready to go back.

While this is not necessary in every fire loss, it can be very useful for any that has the main living areas impacted.

An Emergency Processed Wash does not mean an entire home can be done, but just having some of their familiar items helps put the family’s minds at ease. It also cuts down on costs for insurance companies by restoring, not replacing items until their contents have been fully returned.