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Content Cleaning Process

5/17/2019 (Permalink)

Have you ever given thought to how SERVPRO transports and cleans your home’s or businesses items when they are impacted by a water or fire loss? Our employees have extensive training on how to properly pack and move your contents to prevent the least damage as possible. We make sure to bring plenty of supplies to each job, so we can wrap every item with care.

Once we get to our office, we go to our the “dirty items” Wearhouse and create a barricade with your name on each box or large item to prevent any mix ups. We then have a separate Wearhouse with all our cleaning equipment in it. We only clean one customers contents at a time, so there is no chance of mixing up any items. This also ensures that once an item is clean, that it does not get mixed back in with dirty items.

Once we are through with one customers items, we then move it to a large crate with the customer’s name on it, and move the large crate into our climate controlled Wearhouse, where only clean items are stored. Putting into this climate ensures the quality of the items cleaning while they are waiting to be returned.

With the process set up in this way, it is far easier for us to keep customers items together and find them at a moment’s notice.  

Spring Time Mold Growth

5/17/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Spring Time Mold Growth Crawlspace Discoloration

It’s finally Spring Time! While most people are happy to see that the warm weather has arrived, one thing that a lot of home or business owners are also noticing is mold growth.

Most thrives in warm, moist, dark places. Some of the most common areas of the home to find growth is in the crawlspace, basement, inside cabinets, and in attics. Mold can also set up within 3 days of water being present, is important to check these places regularly.

We recently got a call about a home that had discovered mold in their crawlspace but did not realize the full extent. Once our employees got into it, the mold was unbelievable. In the photo to the right, there are four different colors of discoloration in one area. At the very back of the crawlspace, there were also areas of the sub floor gone and the homes beams that had been rotted through with mold covering them.

What can cause mold growth? WATER!

5/6/2019 (Permalink)

One of the worst feelings is having unwanted water come into your home. No matter situation or how dirty the water is, it causes you panic and it is not a fun process to go through. When you are trying to decide how to handle this situation, consider what can cause if the damage is taken care of property: MOLD.

There are a lot of different types of mold out there, and none of them are fun to encounter. One of our most common calls is about a business or homeowner discovering black mold in their basement or crawlspaces.

Black mold can grow in dark, warm, damp places in the home, and can begin sprouting with 72 hours of water contact. It is a good idea to regularly check all the places in the home that could be hiding mold.

While you may not have even experiences a water loss, even the moisture from the Earth can cause enough water for the spores to take hold.

Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to check problem areas each month!

Theme of the Month - May

5/3/2019 (Permalink)

Theme of the Month - May

During May, SERVPRO of Daviess County, Kentucky is highlighting what over 50% of our jobs involve: Water Damage.  

When we receive a call about a new fire job, we know there is probably some type of water cleanup needed on top of fire and soot damage. You do not think about it, but the water used to douse the blaze is creating a different type of damage. Now there is water and fire damage in the home or business.  

When these water issues are not addressed in a timely manner, mold can start sprouting also. With mold taking 72 hours to start setting up, so it is important to call the professionals quickly.

Below are 5 Ways To Avoid Water Damage:

  • Looking under kitchen appliances regularly for any slow leaks
  • Look for basement leaks
  • Watch for water bill usage spikes
  • Regularly replace washing machine, dishwasher and refrigerator hoses.
  • Turn your downspouts to pour away from your home or business

9 Moving Tips for Your New Home

4/9/2019 (Permalink)

Springtime is one of the busiest times of the year for the realty business. Now that spring has officially sprung, here are 9 helpful tips for anyone moving!

  1. Change your locks: If your new home has had multiple owners, chances are there are spare keys floating around. Changing the locks ensures that no one has a copy and can get into your home without your permission.
  2. Before moving in, plan emergency exits: Doing this ahead of time ensures that you do not place furniture in the way of anyone’s outdoor exit.
  3. Find your circuit breaker box: Locating this ahead of time can save you time when you need to get to it quickly! If each breaker isn’t labeled, this is also a good time to figure out what they are and label them.
  4. Review home inspectors report: When purchasing a home, you typically get an inspection done before closing. Look over this report thoroughly and make sure there is not anything that needs to be taken care of before moving in. Then file it away where it won’t get lost in the shuffle!
  5. Deal with anything water related: While some things on the report can wait, water issues cannot. When there is water present, mold can set up within 72 hours. Taking care of these issues quickly can decrease the chances of having issues later.
  6. Change your alarm batteries: Changing these as soon as you move in will ensure they are all working properly, and you know when to change them again.
  7. Look for places to caulk: While the home is empty, look for anywhere that could use extra caulking. Doing this before you more in can be significantly easier and better in the long run.
  8. Clean the gutters: Making sure the gutters are cleaned out and in good condition is something else that can benefit you in the long run. While you can wait to do this until after you move in, it is still something you want to do before you forget about it.
  9. Get your carpets cleaned: The best time to get carpets cleaned is before you start moving in. Once you move in, there is added costs associated with moving your items around while cleaning. There is also added peace of mind when you know the environment you are moving into has been professionally cleaned.

Theme of the Month - April

4/2/2019 (Permalink)

Them of the Month - April 

SERVPRO of Daviess County, Kentucky works hard to keep our work as smooth as possible. When a disaster impacts their home, this is a very stressful time for the families or homeowners involved. With SERVPRO being mainly known as the company with “the green trucks” or “the water cleanup company”, throughout the month of April, our representatives are working on highlighting ALL of the major services we provide.

When you have an insurance claim or a job in your home or business, there are a lot of moving parts. You may need more than one company working together to put it back “Like it never even happened.” This is where SERVPRO comes in. With us also having a rebuild/reconstruction department, mold mitigation services, regular home and post construction cleanings and more, we strive to be there for each of your needs in house.

If you see our representatives out and about this month, you might see what they are giving out: a 3-in-1 desk cleaning tool. This is to help our contacts remember that we are a one-top-shop for all their needs!

Removing Lingering Smoke from SUV

3/27/2019 (Permalink)

Throughout the 7 years SERVPRO of Daviess County, Kentucky has been here, we have heard a lot of questions about if we can clean certain items that are not “typical.”

One of these stories was by one of our employees. After buying a new SUV, she noticed a smoke smell that was lingering. As time went on, the smell got worse. In her situation, this was a big problem with her being allergic to cigarette smoke.

Once it started getting worse, she asked one of the production managers if there was anything we could do to deodorize the vehicle. The next day, they took her car into the warehouse, and set up an ozone machine inside. After running for a few hours, the machine had completely taken the smoke out of the SUV, replacing it with a clean smell. After a few weeks, the clean smell wore off, and it smelled like a typical car again.

A year later, the smell still hasn’t returned.

If you ever have any questions about special situations, please reach out and we can see what we can do. No job is too big or small for SERVPRO!

Theme of the Month – March

3/25/2019 (Permalink)

Theme of the Month – March

This month, our representatives are passing out LifeSavers as a reminder that SERVPRO of Daviess County, Kentucky is committed to SAVING YOU MONEY throughout the claim or job process!

SERVPRO does this in multiple ways. The first way being, we do our best to dry out your home, instead of tearing it out. This saves the homeowner time and money when they are going through the process.

We also respond to emergencies 24/7. Doing this prevents jobs from spreading and getting worse. For example: a water job can quickly turn into a mold job without the right care. Getting onsite quickly, can decrease the change of us. We strive to be as proactive as possible to save time and money when you are faced with a disaster.

SERVPRO wants you to know that we are committed to saving money on all sized jobs: both large scale and small scale.

Detailing, Deodorizing and Cleaning Vehicles

2/26/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Daviess County, Kentucky has the resources to clean just about anything, this includes vehicles. While we are not typically the first person you think about for this service, we are able to do detailed cleanings, deodorization, and carpet shampooing.

Recently, we have had several different instances where we have brought a vehicle to our office to be deep cleaned. These include:

  1. Cleaning biohazard our of a police departments cruiser.
  2. When a fire extinguisher went off in a brand new truck.
  3. When a newly purchased car had a lingering smoke smell stuck in it.

When a disaster strikes your vehicle, don’t hesitate to give the professionals a call to make it “Like it never even happened.” We are available 24/7, and are happy to give you a free quote. #Cleaning #Detailing #Car #Truck #SUV

Why is it important to keep your bedroom doors closed at night?

2/15/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Why is it important to keep your bedroom doors closed at night? Photos were taken and posted by the Cold Springs Harbor Fire Department

Cold Springs Harbor Fire Department posted an article about how important it is to keep your doors closed at night. While this creates some anxiety for both the parents and children, having the door closed can drastically slow down the path of the fire. Even though most households are great about checking fire alarms, sometimes these devices can malfunction, or the batteries go dead. When this happens, it is great to have prevented the spread in other ways.  

They also posted the two photos to the left. The charred door was one that was open, and the door that was only burned around the edges was closed. With both doors being in the fire at the same time, this is a great example of how much it can help by keeping them closed.