Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Storm - Lake Charles, Louisiana

This home was one of the many that were impacted by the downfall of Hurricane Laura in August, 2020. Crews from our Kentucky franchise was one of the ones dispatched to help with the cleanup. We were happy to be able to assist those in need. 

Storm Damage Response

Some of the Storm Damage Response services we provide are: 

•Board Up

•Water Removal

•Roof Repair & Replacement

•Flooding Cleanup 

When you are experiencing an issue like this, remember the big green trucks, and give SERVPRO of Daviess County, Kentucky a call! 

IIAK Convention & Trade Show - 2018

Sheila Milam, Marketing Manager, representing us at the 122nd Annual IIAK Convention & Trade show! Thank you for hosting such a great event and giving us a chance to tell attendees what all the "green trucks" can do for them! 

Weather Conditions Terms

It is important to know the differences in weather condition terms so you can stay safe in dangerous weather conditions!

Advisory is the least serious warning. It means that you are likely to experience inconveniences due to the weather. It is important to precede with caution.

Watch refers to the weather conditions being possible in your are within the next few days.

Lastly, warning means that the weather conditions will affect you area soon. This is the most serious of the three warnings. It is also the only one with certainty of the weather condition occurring.

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Kansas City Storm 2017

When a large storm blows though the area, different SERVPRO Franchises from around the country can work together to take care of any size disaster that can happen. Our Storm Team Elkins was called into action the end of July 2017 to come help with major flooding in Kansas. Our men and women sacrificed time at home to go help others, and have been working nonstop to put home and business owners lives back together. We are very grateful to be able to service other communities than our own and to help improve the lives of others.

2017 Storm Season

Our Storm Team assists customers all over the country that have storm damage and any other type of flood or disaster. 2017 brought us many disasters and our team answered the call. Hurricane Harvey caused unbelievable damage and heart ache across the entire Houston area as well as the outlying coastal areas.

When you need help and you need it fast, SERVPRO of Davises County is there for you. When you have water damage in your home or business, every minute and detail matters! We are available 24/7 for all emergencies, especially when water extraction and drying from flood water is crucial.
Don't hesitate to call!


Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas

Hurricane Harvey produced mass and severe damage to homes and business all over Texas. We sent our crew right in the heart of the damage to Houston. These pictures portray the diligent work of Team Elkins to assist others in their time of need. Our crew left their homes and families once again for the benefit of the victims of Hurricane Harvey. 
Call SERVPRO of Davises County at 270-683-1888 24/7, 365 for any restoration needs!

Kansas Flooding

Going on Storm is full of hard work, but also extremely rewarding to see what we can do to help others.  Our incredible crew works hard in the aftermath of a disaster. This flood damage happened during the flooding this year in Kansas City, MO.  It was unexpected but our guys rose to the occasion. We make disasters "Like it never even happened.

SERVPRO is always ready to serve our customers in an efficient and professional manner. Call the professionals if the unexpected happens to your home or place of business

Call us anytime at 270-683-1888 or any of your cleaning needs!

Tragedy strikes again

Just when you let your guard down, tragedy strikes again. Just as we were finishing up all our jobs on Storm, another wave of rain came through. These pictures are from a home that got hit for the second time with flooding, and they called us to assist again in the middle of the night. We were happy to come help the home owner extract the water and start the drying process. We are very thankful that close to two weeks in, and our team is still working hard no matter what time of day it is. We are proud to be #TeamElkins.